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I didn't leave her because I was hard, I left because I could feel a killing instinct starting to grow inside me. I needed to get away as soon as I could, thats why I lied. I made me feel terrible to lie to her, but I did it for her safety, and maybe even mine.

Flying is just what I needed. cool air rushing past my wings and through my hair, it felt right. I flew around, just to get my wings stretched from not flying for the past 2 days. I dodged trees like a pro, like I’ve had to do many a time to get away from people seeing me.

I landed on top of a tree, the sun was set and the moon was rising. Tiny stars faintly shown in the ever growing black skies. I sat there, thinking about how much I’ve been through after this...dragon incident.

The moon was now a decent height in the sky and the stars shone brightly and beautifully. I heard a faint “moo” in the distance from a nearby farm. I suddenly remembered, I had to get steak. The thought of hunting and killing entered my mind once again, and a urge to do it returned and it was much stronger. I opened my black and dark purple wings and flew off towards the farm, silent like the wind.

When I reached the farm I landed right on the inside of the wooden fence. All the cows were sleeping, standing up of course. Memories of cow tipping as a young boy entered my mind, but were quickly pushed away by the thought of hunting and killing for fresh steak.

I silently walked over to a good looking cow, plump, decent age, and was far away from the farmhouse so if it made any noise, which it most likely will, wouldn’t be heard as much.

I looked at my hand, it didn't look like my usual human hand, it was a dragon hand. Black and scaly with long razor sharp claws. I looked back up at the cow. You're about to die. I thought.

With one big flap of my wings I jumped up and landed on top of the cow. My claws tore into its skin, I could feel the sticky blood on the scales of my lethal hands. A loud “mooooah!” came from the bucking cow. It was in total shock, perfect. I reached down towards the area of the cows heart. I slammed my hand on the cows side, the claws dug deep in the thick skin. The cow fell to the ground, squishing my leg between it and the ground. It made a low moan sound. It twitched for a second, then went limp and still. I could feel the pulse of the cow stop in my hand.

It was dead.

I'm sorry this took so long to get out, I've had a pretty bussy week.

But yea! I should be back on track now since my insaine weeks are over...

Please leave a comment in the comments section down below about what you think so far! Have a nice night (or day)! =D
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SapphireMC Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I lurve this story, I'm a total enderlox fangurl... :squee: :la: :iconlachoirplz:
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Yay! I love this series
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Enderlox is badass! :D
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It's really good!
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